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Meet The Team



Iris also joined the team in October 2018. Iris' workroom specialty includes hand sewing roman blinds and keeping the toolboxes clutter-free and under control.


When Iris is not at work you can find her minding her grandchildren and looking after her elderly mum as well as fulfilling her duty on the prayer team at her local church.



Katie was the very first team member to join Stitches by Cheryl. When Cheryl found out about her interest in sewing she jumped at the opportunity for a Saturday girl to help ready the workload each weekend.

Katie will be missed as she leaves us to venture across the water for University. We wish her all the best for her studies in Prosthetics!

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Eddie is our resident bookkeeper. He keeps us right in the world of numbers from bank statements to the sporting scores each weekend.


When Eddie is not in the office or next to a football field, you'll find him out on his farm caring for his copious collection of animals!



With no choice but to enjoy her job, Sandy prides her self in quality control before every item leaves the workroom. She may have preferences to be in the garden or out for a walk, but she'll always make sure she's on standby for crumbs during lunch break!



As i'm sure you've guessed this is Cheryl. 


Amidst her busy day to day schedule Cheryl likes to relax by making sure her next adventure is in the diary alongside customer orders.  As well as an expert adviser in sewing and soft furnishings, she's certainly not short of a few travel tips for dream holiday destinations! 

You can read more about her story here.



Jim would tell you he's the worst paid workman in the country (but we know he doesn't mean it!) As Cheryl's husband he is always on hand to help out in the workroom with heavier duty jobs from sawing steel bars for roman blinds to the woodwork for our pelmets.


Between running his own business in construction he always finds time for fittings with Cheryl (and a stop or two for coffee!)  



Shirlee joined Cheryl (yes answering the telephone can be confusing) in July 2017 when Cheryl approached her for help with the workload after she heard of her hand-crafting talents.

When Shirlee's not at work you'll find her busy caring for children as a foster parent, baking something sweet, knitting for her grandchildren and keeping Wenford out of mischief!



Rachel joined the team in October 2018 after her final year of studies in CAM at UUJ. After an unexpected twist of events throughout University life she is happy to have found a creative job that she loves so close to home! 

By learning first-hand from Cheryl's expertise in soft furnishings and proficiency as an excellent businesswoman, Rachel hopes that someday she'll have a cafe and design studio of her own!

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