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Dreamy Designer Florals

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Fabric with detailed daisies and hand-painted peony roses delicately printed onto luxurious linen have been known to make me squeal with excitement.

But as I've helped haul heavy fabric books between client homes and watch in dismay as they dismiss the designs that I personally adore; I've had to accept that the 'right' choice of fabric is not necessarily the one dotted with dahlias and delphiniums.

It might take a little while longer for this kind of logic to resonate with my heart - but I can assure you that the beauty of the fabric you're about to behold is in *no way* furnished by my bias 'bloom loving' opinion.

As a brand (perhaps most famous for its florals), Designers Guild is a supplier of luxurious textiles for those who have the confidence to project a statement style.

You can see how gorgeous these textiles are for yourself from the photographic evidence we've included below!

And here are just a few of the Designer Guild fabrics we've had the privilege to work on in the workroom!

These next photos showcase a beautiful Roman Blind, created for a Master bedroom and hand finished with a Jones Interiors Pom Pom trim.

Stunning! Am I right?

When you begin your search for fabric at Stitches by Cheryl you can be assured that Cheryl will be on hand to guide your decision with professional advice from an interior design perspective, giving you confidence in your capability of choosing a fabric you love for your home.

Our priority is to design and make window dressings that you will enjoy for years to come - so we do realise that committing to a fabric can be the scariest part!

When clients begin their search for fabric, they will usually have one or two words that form a description of what they envision for the final look.

We suggest that's where you begin!

So whether you're thinking country, modern, contemporary, chic, geometric, simple, textured or metallic, we promise to do the hard work for you until we source you a sample you love!

Contact Cheryl by phone (028) 406 31557 or email to discuss your fabric requirements.

*During the current climate, fabric samples will be available for posting.

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