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Let's Talk Textiles: Transformations

It's always a thrill to browse through our fabric books as we search for a carefully curated collection that meets our clients brief. Whether it's one word or two, a colour scheme to match to, or a particular texture - we are always excited to reveal our hand-selected designs upon the interpretation of our client's desires.

However, in some instances, our clients have already accomplished their mission to find the perfect material for their home and simply require our expertise in sewing and soft furnishing design. Sometimes it can be because you've sourced the perfect sale fabric (yay!) or maybe you have old curtains that could be reused and transformed with just a little bit of love. In either case, we are always willing to help!

(Where appropriate we do encourage clients to reuse and repurpose their home textiles, and in most cases, it will always be possible to shorten and split, lengthen and interline in order to transform your textiles for their new space.)

*cue, for example,* these 32-year-old vintage curtains...

Our client was making home improvements by taking away french doors to open up the space for extended family gatherings. The room was modernised with a new fireplace and refreshed with new wallpaper and carpet.

As there was no longer need for the french door curtains, we were able to use the leftover fabric to create a new style of pelmet. The rope from the old pelmets was carefully cleaned and removed before being handstitched along the edge of the new pelmet.

This rope was removed from the old pelmet

Part of the Process:

(Ps. You can follow behind the scenes footage of our processes on our Instagram and Facebook stories by following us @stitchesbycheryl)

The finished result:

Here is a further example of a client who had a pair of curtains from their previous home transformed into Roman blinds.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Cheryl for professional advice if you have any queries about how best to repurpose your vintage textiles.


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