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Interiors for your Tiny Ones

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

It is sad but not surprising that we don't regularly get requests for kid’s bedroom curtains in the workroom. Children grow up so fast that it can be difficult to justify the expense of a fun printed fabric that they might quickly lose interest in.

At Stitches by Cheryl we acknowledge that most curtains have an average life span of 20-25 years and therefore in our endeavour to prioritise a well-informed decision and promote sustainable interiors, we ensure our clients are aware of the practical approach to choosing fabric for their children’s window dressings.

However, we still fully believe it is important to create a space that your kids can enjoy as they balance their little lives full of imagination, learning to spell and those tricky times tables – all as they grow up to make you proud. (phew! It’s a tough life)

Below we have included a few of our favourite and most recent creations for our teenier clients to provide you with a variety of inspiration as you consider your decorating options.

A brother and sister enjoy an adorable print with matching pelmets for their bedrooms. (Fabrics supplied by client)

Simple and sweet this Roman Blind was made for a nursery! With a blackout interlining it’s certainly pretty and practical and dare we say – teenage proof? (Fabric supplied from Stitches by Cheryl)

Little Annie was only 6 years old when she got her “big girl bedroom” and what a lucky little girl she was! This gorgeous modern textured fabric with co-ordinating pelmet was made in our workroom and fabric is available to order from Stitches by Cheryl.

Here is another workroom wonder, "Italian strung curtains" in a pretty poppy print - for a little girl called Poppy - how adorable! (Fabric supplied by client)

I will admit this next pair is my favourite! (Fabric supplied by client)

I think I appreciate these curtains so much because it reminds me of a quilt my mum made for me when I was little. (I might have had to have another bedroom makeover when it got too embarrassing to bring friends into my Barbie bedroom, however, I still treasure the Barbie Quilt that was handmade to match my pink bedroom complete with pink Barbie wallpaper border (– I’m not sure if wallpaper borders are still an interior trend – do you remember them?!) I couldn’t find a picture from my Barbie bedroom days.. but here is me in my “Paper Bears” bedroom with my big cousin under my Barbie umbrella before I personally requested the Barbie bedroom makeover.)

And finally, here is a lovely printed iLiv Fabric chosen specifically from our studio fabric range to co-ordinate with already existing furniture in a nursery, a mustard coloured chair - perfect choice! To learn more about the fabric collections in our studio click here.

So whether you're thinking Paw Patrol, Disney Princess or something slightly more subtle, please get in touch if you are looking for inspiration for your children’s bedroom. We have a variety of plain, printed and texture fabrics that are suitable for children as they transition from babies to bold teens and we would love to help you create the perfect scheme for their space so that you can enjoy yours! Get in touch with Cheryl.

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